Magic Valley Electric is a registered electrical contractor business. Our skilled team has the ability to bid public works projects at the best price available. With confidence, we can perform the installation, maintenance and repair of any electrical system. Even a custom design build for your project is no problem! We guarantee our company and technicians will be a great asset to your project, no matter the size. From the moment temporary power is set all the way until passing the final inspection, we have the power to do it right. Contact Magic Valley Electric for any commercial job.

Frustrated with your business' faulty wiring or inefficient lighting? Or maybe are you looking for an electrical contractor to install wiring in your brand new building? No matter what your needs are, the team at Magic Valley Electric can meet them. Our highly skilled electricians can provide all electrical services in retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, and many more businesses. No matter how big or small your business is, Magic Valley Electric is the right choice for reliable electricity.

MVE Service Area

MVE Service Area

Public Works License
PW# 015652-AA-4
RCE# 35670
Contractor Lic# ELC-C-33843

Master Electrician License
Wiliam Salts
Lic/Cert# 016438

Wyoming Master Electrician
William Salts
License # M-45175

Utah Contractor License
License # 9583783-5501

Utah Master Electrician
William Salts
License # 8340037-5502